Osmosis - Patrick Faurot


Osmosis 2014
Poznań - Centrum Kultury Zamek - May 24th
Poznań - Zakład - May 25th

Osmosis 2015
Poznań - Kórnik Arboretum - September 20th
Poznań - Centrum Kultury Zamek - September 21st
Berlin - Plateau Gallery - September 26th

OSMOSIS is a yearly research laboratory designed to explore the relationship between movement and sound via the body as a fundamental source of information. The laboratory is intended for musicians and dancers to experiment and explore the physicality of sound, the sonic dimension of movement, the role of energetic waves in both mediums, and how these aspects influence each other within the compositional process.

The project engages in a dialogue between experientially focused exploration and performance oriented research. The laboratories are therefore complemented by public performances in order to share the research with local artists and audiences.

Bringing together international artists based in Berlin and Poznań, it is an occasion to exchange practices, interests and cultures, as well as finding new tools and approaches to refine the communication be-tween music and dance.