Der Traurige Zwölfpfünder - Patrick Faurot

Der Traurige Zwölfpfünder

Performed April 23, 24, & 25, 2009
Schönleinstr. 7, Kreuzberg, Berlin
Directed by Patrick Faurot
Written by Charles Booth
Music by Florian Metzger
Performers: Bernhard Lütke, Eva Hafner, David See, Valentin Butt, Roland Satterwhite, Florian Metzger

Der Trauriger Zwölfpfünder is a full-length operatic and theatrical work dealing with the absurdity of love along impossible lines. Based upon the homonymous illustrated story by Edward Gorey, Der Trauriger Zwölfpfünder tells the story of a poor man and his fanatic and ill-fated love for a rising opera star. With an original operatic score composed by Florian Metzger, the work shifts between the fictional opera The Blue Aspic and the isolated dramas of Jasper Ankle and Ortenzia Caviglia.

Der Trauriger Zwölfpfünder was rehearsed and performed in the living room of a friend on Schönleinstraße.